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LDA-IA is an approved partner of both the  University of Sioux Falls and Morningside College. We offer online graduate level courses that are designed for educators who already have their teaching license.  All coursework offered through LDA-IA carries graduate credit that can be used for professional development, license renewal or salary advancement.  Click here to check out our full course listings! 

**NEW** LDA's PreK-K courses have been approved for the T.E.A.C.H. Iowa Early Childhood Endorsement Scholarships!  

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New Courses & Conferences

  • LDA 906 Reading & Writing w/Nonfiction Children/YA Literature Instructor: Dr. Judy Sweetman                           2 credits - $270 total cost                                              Click here to register now!
  • LDA 907 Sensible Strategies for SLD Students  Conference dates: October 25 - 26, 2015                           1 credit - $100 total cost                                              Click here to register now!
    • LDA 849 Counseling in the College Selection Process      Fall dates: October 26 - February 15, 2015                        3 credits  -  $405 total cost                                          Click here to register now!             
    • LDA 851 Informational Text  (NEW CLASS!)                    2 credits - $270 total cost                                           Click here to register now!     
    • LDA 848 Counseling in the College Selection Process     Winter dates: January 18 - April 11, 2016                        More information coming soon!  

    Endorsement Online Course Schedule

    The following courses are offered by LDA for graduate credit from Morningside College and fulfill requirements for the Iowa PreK-Kindergarten teaching endorsement:
    • LDA 841 Org & Admin of Early Childhood Programs                         Spring dates: January 21st - April 29th 2016                        credits - $510 total cost                                                                      Registration deadline: January 19th 2016                                             
    • LDA 842 Introduction to Early Childhood                                             Fall dates: September 15th - December 2nd 2015                           3 credits - $510 total cost                                                   Registration deadline: September 14th 2015                                                 
    • LDA 843 Practicum in Early Childhood                                                 offered as needed                                                                                      2 credits - $340 total cost
    Additional required courses offered by VESi for graduate credit from Morningside College:
    • EDUC 772 Infant and Toddler Mental Health (2 credits)
    • EDUC 773 Early Childhood Program Planning (3 credits)
    Additionally Northwest Iowa Community Colleges offers the following course, which is required for the Iowa PreK-K endorsement:
    • ECE 133 Child Health, Safety and Nutrition (3 credits)       Summer dates: May 26th - July 28th 2015                                     Contact NCC's Beth Frankenstein @ 800-352-4907